Monday, September 14, 2009

Last visit

Today was our last visit with Max at the Baby Home. Yea! That place stinks! Everytime we walk in, I get this overpowering smell of spoiled milk...It takes a while for my nose to adjust. I wonder if they actually drink that smelly stuff. I am such a spoiled American!

Max was in way better spirits today! He had fun playing and even gave us some smiles and laughs. Again, he cried when the caregiver came to get him. I hope that means he enjoys the time with us and that he will not be too uncomfortable when he leaves the only place he has ever been.

We stopped at the store today and picked up some snacks for the 12 hour train ride and bibs. He has not been allowed to feed himself I'm thinking eating may be a messy endevour. I wonder if he will even try to feed himself. We will see tomorrow!

We also stopped and picked up our train tickets for Wednesday. We are getting closer to going home. Just 2 more nights here, then a night on the train, and then 6 nights at the Hilton. Our plane leaves at 2:30 pm on the 23rd and arrives at O'Hare at 4:30pm. I wish it was only a 2 hour flight, but once you factor in the 9 hour time difference it is about 11 hours. That makes for a VERY long day on Wednesday. Then we have a 4 hour drive to Muscatine. Yep...we will be tired. I hope Max sleeps for most of the time.

It is ANOTHER cloudy and rainy day. I am starting to panic about our laundry. There is no way it will be dry by wednesday if we cannot hang it outside in some sun. I have visions of grocery bags of soggy laundry coming with us to Moscow!


Megan A. said...

wow! so happy for you! Ive been reading along. good luck on your trip back!

cathy said...

Cant wait to see pics of max. I wish you the best of luck with your laundry issue. Do you think they would frown upon 2 americans in their underwear? Lol.

jillybean66 said...

Sending some Sunshine...I hope, so that you guys have some clothes to wear..LOL! I have really enjoyed following your journey Janet...and to think it is almost over and you can finally be home...Yipeeee! Me I don't even think I would want to be out of my house for a week. Makes you realize just how thankful you are, for all that you have and where you live. Hope you won't keep us in spence to long...waiting for pictures of Max!

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