Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday, September 13th

In 10 days we will be heading home...hopefully. In order to leave Pskov on Wednesday, we need Max's passport. I guess the last time our agency contact, Tatyana, tried to get a passport...she didn't have all the correct papers and they almost didn't give the passport to that family. HOPEFULLY...she will have all the correct papers with her this time. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

I finished my Computer Tricks for scrapbooker's magazine yesterday. I can't wait to get home and try out my new photoshop knowledge.

It is a somewhat cloudy day today, but we are still trying to get our laundry done. Not having a dryer really makes doing laundry difficult...we are dependent on sunny weather. But, today and tomorrow are probably the last days we will have a chance to get it done...So, with another hopefully, the weather will cooperate.

Tomorrow we will visit Max again and then stop at the grocery store and pick up food for him. What do you feed a 17 month old for 8 days and no kitchen. We don't even know if he will use a sippy cup yet. I hope he will transition to that cup easily...I did not bring enough wipes, if not! LOL!!

Well off to read my photography tips and tricks magazine.

Oh...and it is opening weekend for football!!! Go Bears!!!!!!!!!

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Lisa L. said...

The laundry does not sound fun! It is getting closer. Hoping everything goes smoothly. Lisa

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