Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another Day

It is Sunday morning in Russia and we have nothing planned for today. Well, tonight at 8pm Russia time/11 am Iowa time, we will be trying to Skype home. We had set up our desktop and laptop with video cameras/microphones to do a video call while we are away. We have not been able to get the laptop on the net yet. We saw an internet cafe at the shopping center yesterday. So today we will call home so Kelly can see us. We have been talking every other day or so...but she has been asking to see us. Hopfully, we won't have any problems tonight.

We are definitely missing our little girl. She is being brave and told us she hasn't cried yet. Although last night there was a little snafu. We used the CHI phone to call home. We only get 5 minutes of talk time and we should have disconnected before time rain out. But we didn't and the connection was dropped. Kelly thought she disconnected the call and started crying. Dad called us back on Mike's phone. We re-assured her it wasn't her fault!

I think my dad and MaryLou may need a vacation after watching her for 2 weeks. Dad made the comment that Kelly is a very busy little girl. Oh yes she is! Well, at least Monday is Labor Day!

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